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Our Fleet of Immaculate Modern Vehicles is Complimentary to a Graceful, Dignified Funeral


Special demands are needed for ceremonial vehicles,  it is important that the vehicle supports the ceremony and gives comfort to relatives and friends. These demands are fulfilled by our impressive fleet.


Jaguar XJ Aluminium Hearse and Limousine

We are extremely proud of our new design Jaguar XJ Aluminium Hearse and Limousine, these cars represent the biggest facelift of a Jaguar model in over 45 years.
Created through extraordinary design, intuitive technology and exhilarating performance: the Jaguar XJ Hearse and Limousine are simply the very best in the world.

The vehicles are manufactured by Wilcox Limousines and Eagle Specialist Vehicles from Aluminium and constructed using technology usually reserved for the aircraft industry.

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