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Before we arrange the funeral we take into account all of your special requests and requirements and provide you with an accurate cost for the arrangements to ensure you are happy with the commitment you are about to undertake. The funeral account is divided into two elements – the Funeral Directors charges and the disbursements.

The Funeral Director’s Charges

Many and varied items make up these costs in making of all arrangements for the funeral.

These may consist of:

  • The coffin or casket.
  • Use of our facilities, Chapel of Rest etc.
  • Care of the deceased and neccessary treatments if required.
  • Staff cost for unsocial hours can be included.
  • Transport costs for our hearses and limousines and the removal of the deceased from home or hospital.
  • Collating, collecting and delivering all documents required for the funeral.
  • Provision bearers to escort the coffin into the church, crematorium or cemetery.


These are payments we make on your behalf

These may consist of:

  • Cremation or burial fees.
  • Church or ministers fees.
  • Doctors fees.
  • Press announcements.
  • Flowers.
  • Catering.
  • Monumental masons fees.

The above fees are added to the Funeral Directors charges to arrive at the final account.

Help with Funeral Costs

Funerals can be expensive but need not be, it depends on your circumstances and your wishes, we will give you an estimate of costs at any time. If you are receiving Income Support, Family Credit or Housing Benefit you may be able to get help from the Social Fund from the Benefits Agency.

For general advice contact the Benefits Agency on 0845 6088654

At Walker and Morrell we understand that when a person is bereaved, they need all the help they can get with the funeral planning and funeral arrangements If you are based in Washington, Gateshead, Newcastle or anywhere in the North East, and are looking for funeral directors, get in touch with us and let us take care of your loved one with great respect, gentleness and dignity.

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